Falasarna (also spelt Falassarna or Phalasarna) used to be not much more than a deserted beach on the west coast of Crete. Offering stunning views and beautiful sunsets it started attractive some visitors and a few tavernas, rooms and small hotels were built.


Location of Falasarna in Crete

Location of Falasarna

Getting there

Public transport is very limited and you will need your own car if you want to be able to move at all. The nearest town (Kissamos) is about 20 km away. The nearest airport at Chania is about 50 km away.


People go to Falasarna because it is out of the way and they are looking for a quiet place.


 There are a few small hotels, studios and apartments. More are being built but it is still low key tourism.


A few restaurants


A couple of mini-markets open during the tourist season. A few more shops in Platanos a few km away.




The beach is what most people come to Falasarna for but you can also visit the ruins of the ancient harbour of Falasarna. It is also an important place for botanists with many rare flowers growing there.


 Superb sandy beaches with some of the cleanest waters in Crete and Greece as a whole. But it can get very windy (the wind often blows from the West in Crete so you get it full blast in Falasarna) making it impossible to spend any time on it. This can last for days making it even more important to have a car so that you can drive to less windy places should this happen.


The superb setting of Falasarna is somewhat spoilt by the many greenhouses that have been erected. Agriculture is more important for the area than tourism so that's unlikely to change in the near future.

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Location of Falasarna in Crete

Location of Falasarna
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