Galatas and Daratso near Chania


The villages of Galatas and Daratso were initially small hill villages overlooking the beach of Kalamaki a little to the West of Chania. These villages saw some development in tourism some years ago especially near the sea. The lower parts became known as Kato (meaning 'down' or 'low' in Greek) Daratso and Kato Galatas.
Galatas and Daratso were also 'discovered' by Cretans who wanted to escape living in the city of Chania and have become quite suburbian by now although they still retain a quiet, residential atmosphere.

Location of Galatas in Crete

Location of Galatas

Getting there

  They are close to Chania (5 km) and connected by regular city buses.


Galatas and Daratso still manage to maintain a village atmosphere despite all the tourist developments.


A lot to choose from in all categories.


A few nice restaurants


 Basic but Chania is very close by


You will need to go to Chania


You can walk to the beaches of Kalamaki or Agii Apostoli. This will take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on where you are staying.

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Location of Galatas in Crete

Location of Galatas
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