Frangokastello is located along the coast on an arid plain with a beautiful mountain background in a remote corner of the region of Sfakia.

Some say that the name Frangokastello derives from the local phrase "Kastelli Fragon" (The Castle of the Franks), while, others claim, it derives from the Italian phrase "Castel Franco" (Brave Castle).

Location of Frangokastello in Crete

Location of Frangokastello

Getting there

 Frangokastello is a long way from anywhere. You will need to drive over the mountains from the North coast (on a good but very winding road). Public transport is very limited so a car is almost essential unless you want to use taxis.


 This is a quiet place but lacking in atmosphere. Apart from the castle that gave the place its name, Frangokastello didn't exist until a few years ago and all the buildings are new and scattered about.


There are plenty of rooms as well as self-catering studios and apartments


A few restaurants, some of them excellent.


Several mini markets cater to everyday needs.


There's not a lot going on. It's not that kind of place


Superb sandy beaches. The main beach next to the castle can get a little crowded but there are some other beautiful and quiet sandy beaches within walking distance. Because of its very shallow water the main beach is one of the safest anywhere in western Crete if you have small children. See more about the beach here.

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Location of Frangokastello in Crete

Location of Frangokastello
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